Firehouse Arts Center

committed to the enrichment of community life through the arts.

Callahan Room

The Callahan Room is located upstairs on the east side of the Firehouse complex. The most formal room we can provide, it is furnished with thick carpets, large windows, plantation shutters, tasteful furnishings, sconces, and adjustable lighting. Its size can accommodate up to 12 large tables or over a hundred seats arranged in rows, and it is ideal for any formal or business occasion. Rental of this space includes the use of tables and chairs, as well as a large, full kitchen and restrooms located on the same floor, across the hall from the room itself. Though on the second floor, the room is fully handicapped accessible with an elevator to provides easy access.

Rental Agreement

Rental Fee: $400, deposit: $200
Two Day Rental: $600, deposit: $200
Non-Profit Organization: $300, deposit: $200

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