Five Spaces are available for rent: three rooms suitable for seminars, meetings, luncheons, showers, teas, birthday parties or similar daytime events; and two larger rooms suitable for rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, wedding receptions, evening dinner parties, reunions, cocktail buffets, or similar events. Follow the links below for information and pictures of the individual rooms.

Jimmy Harrell Gallery

Callahan Room

Nussbaum Classroom

Leverett Classroom

Rental Rates

Space Rental Fee* Reservation/Damage Deposit*
Callahan Room $400 $200
Two Day Rental $600 $200
Non – Profit Organization $300 $200
Jimmy Harrell Gallery $500 $200
Two Day Rental $700 $200
Non – Profit Organization $400 $200
Leverett Room $200 $50
Nussbaum Room $200 $50
Entire Facility (All Rooms) $800 $300

*The Firehouse accepts all major Credit Cards. A 3% service charge will be added to all credit card transactions. Cash is accepted for rental fee and/or Deposits. No Personal Checks for Rentals!!!

Optional Fees:

Rentals Rates are half priced if rented Monday through Thursday
Cleaning w/Table & Chair removal: $100 ( $200 if Entire Facility is rented)
Sound System: $50
Large Screen TV/DVD $50 (Mounted in Harrell or Setup)
Linens (Available in White, Grey and Black. Round and Rectangular $12 each
Purple/Gold Sequined $0 if rentee gets tablecloth rentals
Bistro Cocktail tables $12 each


  1. Rentals are generally for one day only. To secure the rental, the Reservation/Damage Deposit is due and payable when the application is submitted. The Firehouse Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse any rental not conducive to the mission of the Firehouse Center and Gallery.
  2. Deposits do not go towards or serve as partial payment of the rent. The full rent is due when the key is picked up. The deposit will be be refunded within 10 days after the rental if there are no damages or other charges. No refund of the deposit will be given if cancellation of rental occurs fourteen or fewer days of rental date.
  3. If the rental occurs during the hours of 7 pm – 12 am on Friday or Saturday and alcohol is being served an on-site law enforcement officer is required. The officer will be paid $175.00 which is to be paid with the receipt of the rental deposit fee. The Firehouse will arrange for the officer to be present during the event. All events should end and the building should be vacated by 12:00 midnight. The exception will be New Year’s Eve. The officer will be required for any New Years Eve party regardless of the day of the week at the costs of $250.00, The building must be vacated by 2:00 am on January 1.
  4. Renters have the option of setting up the day prior to the rental, preferably between the hours of 8:00 am and 1:00 pm. They key must be returned by 11:00 am the day following the rental. The rental space should be in the same state of cleanliness which existed when the Renter’s occupancy commenced. Once the renter retrieves the key to the building, the building must never be left unattended when unlocked.
  5. No admission charges are allowed except by approval of the Firehouse Board of Directors. The request for approval must be completed when the rental agreement is signed at which time the Board will make a decision concerning the admission charge.

Rental Policies

AVAILABILITY:  Only the rental space designated in the rental contract is to be used by the Renter. Each of the rental spaces has a separate alarm system. Entrance into the space other than the one being rented will activate the alarm system for that area summoning the police to the Firehouse and a charge of $30.00 will be assessed. It will be the renter’s responsibility to pay this fee. It will be deducted from the rental deposit. Kitchens are available for the Callahan Room and Jimmy Harrell Gallery renters.  Kitchens are available to Kirbo and Meeting Room renters if the Callahan Room and Jimmy Harrell Gallery are not in use.  No rentals of the spaces will occur while an exhibit is in that area. Renter must be 21 years of age.

DAMAGE LIABILITY:  Renter is fully liable for any and all damage to the facility and contents.  Renter is also liable for damages and/or injuries incurred by events related to the personnel, entertainers, and/or guests while on the premises and/or while transporting to and from the event. Renter will hold the Firehouse Arts Center harmless from and against any and all claims for injuries and damages as a result of or arising out of the use and occupancy of the Center and Gallery by the renter or the renter’s agents or guests.

Tobacco, in any form, is prohibited on the premises.  Alcohol may be served within the Firehouse Arts Center.  The renter assumes all responsibility and liability for the safe and legal consumption of alcohol.  Only those guests of legal age may be served alcoholic beverages.  If any material damage beyond normal wear and tear is sustained by the Firehouse Center and Gallery as the result of actions taken by the renter, the renter’s service personnel or the renter’s guests, the renter agrees to compensate the Firehouse Arts Center for any damages which exceed the deposits.

DECORATIONS:  Nothing may be attached to ceilings, walls, doors, wall fixtures, or lighting without consultation.  Art works or plaques may not be removed from the walls.  If candles are used, they must be stationary.  Plastic must be used under candle holders that are placed on the floor, and no tape may be applied to floors.  This is an historic building and nothing which will disfigure the facility will be permitted.

No changes to the grounds outside the building or the memorial courtyard may be made without first obtaining consent. This includes any pruning, cutting, etc. of plants and shrubs. According to Georgia law, rice throwing is prohibited because of its potential damage to birds.  In addition, confetti, glitter, birdseed, and bubbles may not be used in the building or the courtyard.  Renter assumes responsibility for sweeping all outside areas clean. Any food preparation (grilling or cooking) outside the building must be done in the parking area at the back side of the building. No cooking is allowed in the memorial courtyard.

SETUP, CLEANUP, and BREAKDOWN:  Renter is responsible for setup and cleanup.  Renter is responsible for arranging tables and chairs and folding and returning them to storage areas before leaving.  Please be careful when setting up these items by not dragging or rolling items across the floor.  Be sure that all tables and chairs have rubber tips on them.  Please contact the representative of the Firehouse Arts Center if tables and chairs do not have rubber tips.  All leftover food, beverages, containers, and any other trash must be collected and bagged.  All trash must be placed in containers located in the back of the building.  If linens are rented through the Firehouse, they must be bagged and left in the kitchen. The Renter agrees to leave the rental area (which now includes the memorial courtyard) in its original pre-rental appearance and condition.  Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of Reservation/Damage Deposit.  For an additional fee, a Center representative will take down the tables and chairs and return them to storage areas.  Please confirm this with the Rental Coordinator prior to your rental.

Contact Information:  The Firehouse Arts Center’s representative is Michael Inlow at cell: 850-544-2547 or Center: 229-243-1010.