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Wood Carving Workshop


class has already been completed.
please check back to see when this workshop will be held again in the future.

Activity: Wood Carving in Low Relief

Background: Wood carving in low relief is an ancient craft. King Tut’s tomb in Egypt had many examples of this art form. ┬áThe presenter (Henry Intili) is an experienced carver of plants, animals, and the human form.

Purpose: To introduce beginners to the art of wood carving in low relief

Classes: 8 classes to be held once a week from 6-8 pm (8 weeks)
1. Sharpening tools
2. Materials and properties; design and project choice
3. Rough Carving
4. Rough Carving
5. Fine carving
6. Sanding
7. Finishing
8. Finishing

Materials: Wood – It is preferred that participants supply their own piece of wood as well as their own tools. If you do not have tools or wood, they can be supplied for you if needed.

The cost of the workshop is $80 and must be paid in advance.
Please email Ali at with any questions.